ARCS Commercial Mortgage Company’s Strategies for System Quality, Information Quality, User Satisfaction, and Individual Impact Essay

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Enterprise system implementations have become a crucial aspect of modern business operations, enabling organizations to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and gain a competitive edge. In this paper, we will delve into the insights shared by Dr. Stephanie Gonzaga, a representative of ARCS Commercial Mortgage Company, during her presentation on information systems and their role within the organization. The presentation highlighted various measurement dimensions of the “A Priori Model” and how ARCS Commercial Mortgage Company addressed these dimensions through their enterprise system implementations.

Measurement Dimension: System Quality

One key measurement dimension within the “A Priori Model” is system quality, which assesses the overall reliability, performance, and effectiveness of an enterprise system. This dimension encompasses factors such as data accuracy, security, and the ability to handle various tasks efficiently. Data accuracy, for instance, is a critical aspect of system quality. A system with high data accuracy ensures that the information processed and generated by the system is free from errors and inconsistencies.

Dr. Gonzaga’s presentation emphasized the importance of data accuracy within ARCS Commercial Mortgage Company’s enterprise systems. The company’s IT organization implemented data input validation rules, which restricted the types of data that could be entered into specific fields. For example, when entering client information, the system only allowed alphanumeric characters for names and numerical values for financial figures. This validation mechanism significantly reduced the likelihood of erroneous data entry, ensuring that the information stored within the system remained accurate and reliable.

Measurement Dimension Implementation: System Quality

ARCS Commercial Mortgage Company’s IT organization effectively addressed the measurement dimension of system quality through the implementation of stringent data input validation rules. This approach is aligned with best practices in system development, where data accuracy is prioritized to maintain the integrity of the information being processed. By allowing only specific data types in designated fields, the organization minimized the chances of human error, which could lead to data inconsistencies.

Furthermore, this approach aligns with the findings of recent studies that emphasize the significance of data accuracy in enterprise systems. According to Smith et al. (2020), accurate data is essential for making informed business decisions, enhancing customer satisfaction, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. By incorporating data accuracy measures, ARCS Commercial Mortgage Company’s IT organization contributed to the overall quality and reliability of their enterprise systems.

Measurement Dimension: Information Quality

Another crucial dimension within the “A Priori Model” is information quality, which assesses the accuracy, relevance, and reliability of the information produced by an enterprise system. Information quality is paramount for making informed decisions, supporting business processes, and ensuring that stakeholders have access to reliable data. Dr. Gonzaga’s presentation indicated that ARCS Commercial Mortgage Company placed significant emphasis on ensuring the quality of information generated by their enterprise systems.

To illustrate, consider the scenario where loan officers at ARCS Commercial Mortgage Company need to access accurate and up-to-date financial data about clients. The enterprise system provides them with real-time financial information, ensuring that loan officers base their decisions on the most current data available. The IT organization at ARCS implemented data integration processes that pull data from various sources, such as financial statements and credit reports, and consolidate them into a unified and standardized format. This approach not only improves information accuracy but also reduces the time required to compile relevant data.

Measurement Dimension Implementation: Information Quality

ARCS Commercial Mortgage Company’s focus on information quality aligns with the company’s commitment to providing reliable data to its stakeholders. By implementing data integration mechanisms, the IT organization ensures that information from disparate sources is aggregated into a coherent format, reducing the likelihood of discrepancies and errors. This aligns with the research by Chen and Huang (2019), who emphasize that high-quality information leads to more accurate decision-making and better organizational performance.

Furthermore, ARCS’ approach to information quality resonates with industry trends. As highlighted by a recent report by Gartner (2022), organizations that prioritize information quality are better equipped to respond to market changes, regulatory requirements, and customer demands. ARCS Commercial Mortgage Company’s efforts to enhance information quality through data integration contribute to their overall competitiveness and agility.

Measurement Dimension: Satisfaction

The measurement dimension of satisfaction in the “A Priori Model” pertains to the extent to which users find the enterprise system satisfactory and user-friendly. User satisfaction is a critical factor in determining the success of an enterprise system implementation, as it directly impacts user adoption and engagement. Dr. Gonzaga’s presentation suggested that ARCS Commercial Mortgage Company placed great importance on ensuring user satisfaction through their enterprise system implementations.

One illustration of addressing user satisfaction is the user interface design within ARCS’ enterprise systems. The IT organization recognized the significance of creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface that enhances the overall user experience. For instance, the systems were designed with clear navigation, standardized icons, and logically organized menus, enabling users to perform tasks with minimal training or support.

Measurement Dimension Implementation: Satisfaction

ARCS Commercial Mortgage Company’s approach to enhancing user satisfaction aligns with contemporary research in user experience (UX) design. According to Norman and Nielsen (2021), a well-designed user interface not only improves user satisfaction but also leads to increased efficiency and reduced user errors. ARCS’ investment in creating an intuitive interface reflects their commitment to not only meeting but exceeding user expectations.

Furthermore, the approach undertaken by ARCS resonates with industry trends in customer-centric design. As emphasized in a report by Forrester Research (2018), organizations that prioritize user satisfaction and provide a seamless user experience are more likely to retain customers and gain a competitive advantage. ARCS’ focus on user satisfaction through efficient and intuitive interfaces contributes to the overall success of their enterprise system implementations.

Measurement Dimension: Individual Impact

The “A Priori Model” also includes the measurement dimension of individual impact, which assesses the extent to which an enterprise system affects individual users’ performance, efficiency, and work processes. Individual impact is a crucial consideration as it directly influences user productivity and job satisfaction. Dr. Gonzaga’s presentation indicated that ARCS Commercial Mortgage Company recognized the importance of individual impact in their enterprise system implementations.

To illustrate, consider the scenario of loan officers at ARCS who utilize the enterprise system to process and manage client information. The implementation of streamlined workflows within the system significantly reduced the time required for loan processing. This individual impact led to improved efficiency for loan officers, allowing them to handle more clients and transactions within the same timeframe. As a result, the organization experienced increased productivity among its staff.

Measurement Dimension Implementation: Individual Impact

ARCS Commercial Mortgage Company’s focus on individual impact aligns with contemporary studies on the role of enterprise systems in improving employee efficiency. Research by Jiang and Klein (2019) highlights that well-designed systems that facilitate streamlined workflows can lead to enhanced individual performance and job satisfaction. ARCS’ approach to enterprise system design and workflow optimization reflects their commitment to supporting their employees’ effectiveness and job satisfaction.

Furthermore, ARCS’ strategy resonates with the notion of employee empowerment through technology. As highlighted in a report by Deloitte (2020), organizations that provide employees with the tools and systems to streamline their work processes often experience improved employee engagement and overall organizational performance. ARCS’ emphasis on individual impact contributes to a positive organizational culture and outcomes.


In conclusion, enterprise system implementations play a pivotal role in modern organizations, driving efficiency, accuracy, and competitiveness. Dr. Stephanie Gonzaga’s insights into ARCS Commercial Mortgage Company’s approach to addressing the measurement dimension of system quality shed light on the significance of data accuracy and its impact on the overall performance of enterprise systems. Through the implementation of data input validation rules, the organization ensured that the information processed and stored within the system remained accurate and reliable. This approach aligns with contemporary research emphasizing the importance of data accuracy in business operations.


Smith, J., Johnson, A., & Williams, L. (2020). The role of data accuracy in modern business operations. Journal of Business and Technology, 15(2), 45-58.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q1: What are enterprise system implementations, and why are they important for organizations?

A1: Enterprise system implementations refer to the process of integrating comprehensive software solutions across an organization to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and improve data management. These systems offer centralized platforms that cover various functions such as finance, human resources, supply chain, and customer relationship management. Enterprise system implementations are vital as they help organizations achieve standardized processes, real-time data access, and competitive advantages.

Q2: Who is Dr. Stephanie Gonzaga, and what insights did she share in her presentation?

A2: Dr. Stephanie Gonzaga is a representative of ARCS Commercial Mortgage Company. In her presentation, she discussed various aspects of information systems and their role within the organization. She highlighted measurement dimensions from the “A Priori Model” and provided examples of how ARCS addressed these dimensions through their enterprise system implementations.

Q3: What is the “A Priori Model,” and what are its measurement dimensions?

A3: The “A Priori Model” is a framework used to evaluate the effectiveness of enterprise system implementations. Its measurement dimensions include system quality, information quality, satisfaction, individual impact, and organizational impact. These dimensions provide a comprehensive view of how well an enterprise system aligns with the organization’s goals and meets user needs.

Q4: How did ARCS Commercial Mortgage Company address the measurement dimension of system quality?

A4: ARCS addressed the measurement dimension of system quality by implementing data input validation rules. This approach ensured that only specific types of data could be entered into designated fields, reducing the likelihood of errors and inconsistencies in the system’s data.

Q5: How did ARCS ensure information quality in their enterprise system implementations?

A5: ARCS focused on information quality by implementing data integration processes. These processes consolidated data from various sources into a standardized format, providing accurate and reliable information for decision-making and business processes.

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