How is education for sustainability practiced in the US and is it successful?

Words: 10
Pages: 1
Subject: Sociology
.Select one of the prompts below and conduct research to answer the prompt. You may choose the direction you take with the topic, but make sure you conduct a thorough evaluation of the issue.
Research Essay prompts:
How is education for sustainability practiced in the US and is it successful?
What is “decent work” and how is it fundamental to sustainable societies?
Discuss how poverty is not sustainable.
Climate action is the most important aspect of global sustainability because…
Explore why advances in clean and affordable energy are central to sustainable futures.
Without gender equality there can be no sustainability – discuss.
Explore how good health and well-being are essential for sustainable societies.
You must use academic sources for the bulk of your information and need to clearly articulate your argument in relation to the prompt question. Use specific examples to advance your argument drawn from your chosen academic sources.
Your essay must include:
a title
introduction and conclusion
at least three sub-headings to organize the paper
references for all information used within the body of the essay
You must use a minimum of three academic publications (books, academic journals or government publications) for research material. In addition, you may use a government sponsored website for supplemental material – note- not the bulk of information. Do not use Wikipedia as a source. Any sources must be referenced and included in the bibliography. Use MLA citation. All work must be uploaded to CANVAS and include your word count at the end of the document. 1500 words minimum, points will be reduced for lower word count, poor grammar and/or spelling and poorly organized papers.

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