Digitization of healthcare has become a threat to patient confidentiality, requiring healthcare providers to put more effort into protecting patient information from unauthorized access.

A partnership between patients and healthcare professionals is important to achieve effective health. Respect, honesty, and transparency are integral to patient care. Healthcare organizations must provide an environment where patients’ rights and responsibilities are respected (Wegdan Bani-issa et al., 2020). Healthcare ethics must guide every aspect of clinical care. In addition, healthcare organizations must be sensitive to racial, religious, cultural, gender, age, and other differences that define an individual’s needs. The AHA Patient’s Bill of Rights guides healthcare professionals on the fundamental rights of patients (Hartigan et al., 2018).
One of the things that healthcare professionals can do to ensure that patients’ rights are protected and upheld is to embrace patient-centered care. According to the AHA patient’s bill of rights, one of the patient’s rights is the right to make decisions concerning their health (Hunt, 2018). patients can discuss their condition and request intervention or treatment. They also have the right to refuse a medical intervention against their culture, religion, or beliefs. Patient autonomy is important in healthcare today, where patients are informed and are concerned about available treatments and interventions. Patient-centered care also upholds the rights of individualized care, dignity, and respect (Hartigan et al., 2018).
Effective communication is also important for healthcare professionals to uphold patients’ rights. According to the AHA Patient’s Bill of Rights, patients can access understandable information about their prognosis, diagnosis, and treatment (Hunt, 2018). they also have the right to review records concerning their medical care explained in understandable language. To uphold these laws, healthcare professionals must embrace transparency and open communication. Therefore, healthcare professionals should provide information in clear and easy-to-understand language to allow patients to make informed decisions about their health and medical care.
Healthcare professionals should also respect the right to informed consent. One of how healthcare professionals can achieve this is by using a language that patients can understand easily. They should provide comprehensive information on the patient’s condition, diagnosis, and available treatment options and educate them on how to improve their health and reduce disease. Where possible, healthcare professionals should consider providing a translator to ensure that the information is provided in the most comfortable language to the patient. Additionally, healthcare professionals should discuss with patients, listen to them, and answer their health and medical care questions.
Privacy and confidentiality is another important aspect of clinical care (Hartigan et al., 2018). it is healthcare professionals’ ethical and legal responsibility to protect patient confidentiality and privacy. Patient confidentiality is important for legal and ethical fulfillment and for building trust between patients and their providers. Patient trust is crucial in medical care because it encourages patients to disclose as much information as possible to help in clinical diagnosis and treatment (Wegdan Bani-issa et al., 2020). trust-based clinical care leads to better interaction between the patient and the provider and, thus, better quality care. Privacy and confidentiality are centers of good health. When patients feel safe in a healthcare facility, they are more likely to adhere to a health-promoting treatment. Digitization of healthcare has become a threat to patient confidentiality, requiring healthcare providers to put more effort into protecting patient information from unauthorized access.

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