Discuss the impact of nursing fatigue on patient safety.

Conduct an initial critical appraisal of the study. Respond to each of the following 12 questions:
Identify the Research Problem
Identify the primary empirical sources cited in the review.
Are the references current? What years would be current for the study being critiqued?
Are relevant studies identified and described?
Are relevant theories identified and described?
Are relevant landmark studies described?
Are relevant studies critiqued? Identify the critique statements made.
Are the sources paraphrased to promote the flow of the content presented or are there too many direct quotes?
Is the current knowledge about the research problem described?
Does the literature review identify the gap(s) in the knowledge base that provides a basis for the study conducted?
Is the literature review clearly organized, logically developed, and concisely written? Justify your conclusion.
Does the literature review logically build a case for the study being reported? Why or why not?
Assignment should be 1250 – 1500 words in length with a reference and in-text citations for the article you are reviewing.

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