Creating a Workplace Wellness Fitness Program: Promoting Health and Productivity.

Research and design a wellness prevention program for use in your workplace. Once completed, make an essay with a topic about Fitness Program.
the task is to develop a prevention and wellness program and are looking to identify:
Program goals and objectives
Program goals are statements of broad, long-term accomplishments expected from the program related to a health topic or condition. Each goal should have one or more objectives to ensure that the goal will be successfully accomplished.
Objectives should be clear, time-limited and stated so that it is easy to determine whether they have been achieved.
Program development
How will the program be structured
What will be included in the program
How to recruit or refer participants for the program
Program implementation
How will the program be implemented in the workplace
How will you get employee engagement/buy-in
How will the program be monitored
Program evaluation
How to determine how well the program is working or not working
Programs should have established metrics and baselines before the program begins (i.e., measure participation rates, reduction in health care costs, percentage of participants who quit smoking or lost weight, etc.)
What are the benefits associated with the recommended programs
Once completed, identify findings outlining:
Provide information about the specific wellness program, including:
what does the program include
how/why is it related to employee health
how will it impact the workplace if not addressed
Prevention program framework
Program goals and objectives
Program development
Program implementation
Program evaluation
Identify how the program will help resolve concerns
From a qualitative standpoint, provide a cost-benefit analysis associated with implementing the program
The written report should include:
Executive Summary
Table of Contents
Introduction/Background information about the specific wellness program
Program Framework
How the program will help resolve concerns
Qualitative cost-benefit analysis
References should be in Canada, and the cite/article/website that will be used must be able to open /Citations and incite citation included.
Proper citations are expected/in-cite citations.

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