Behaviors for change

Information about the assignment
The final reflective assignment for OLET1616 is worth 40% of your final mark and is compulsory.

Assignment 8: Question
Refer to Module 1 and Module 7 regarding the concept of a setting.

In your reflective piece:

The selected setting for this assignment is the workplace. You need to select a specific workplace for example a private company office, retail outlet, a bank etc (preferably select one you are familiar with).

Select ONE of the following behaviours for change; (1) food/nutrition; (2) physical activity; or (3) social and emotional habits for good mental health.

PART A: Describe why your specific workplace setting should be targeted using scientific/health evidence and explain why your selected behaviour for change is important based on the best available scientific evidence (20 marks).
PART B: Provide a plan of how this change could be enacted using the basic strategies of health promotion introduced in Module 1 and examples provided in the other modules. No references are required for this section (15 marks).
Writing and referencing (5 marks).
In your response, you are required to reference a minimum of two of the resources provided in this unit, which may include videos, articles, or podcasts. These resources can include the core resources as well as additional resources listed at the end of each module. It is anticipated you go beyond what is here to generate your evidence.

We want you to think critically and creatively.

Word limit
The word limit is 500 words of text (+/- 10%), excluding your reference list.

Label PART A and PART B.

For Part B use subheadings for the basic strategies for health promotion (advocate, enable, mediate).

We ask to keep your submissions to two pages – no title page; and please write your SID on the top header of your assignment.

Style guide
Please use Vancouver referencing style.

Clearly label which references are module references in your reference list. e.g.

1. World Health Organization (1946). Constitution of WHO: Geneva: World Health Organization. (module reference).

Due date
11.59pm (i.e. 23:59) Sunday 28th of May 2023.

Late submission
In accordance with University policy, these penalties apply when written work is submitted after 11:59pm on the due date:

Deduction of 5% of the maximum mark for each calendar day after the due date.
After ten calendar days late, a mark of zero will be awarded.
Marking criteria
You will be marked on how well you have demonstrated achievement of these learning outcomes:

Describe the principles of health promotion and their application to the broader context – healthy people, healthy communities, healthy environments;
Apply critical thinking about health information and evidence as they relate to personal, community and environment health.
In applying the Grade Descriptors to your final assignment (in addition to the usual grading for grammar, cohesion of writing, appropriate use of reference material), careful consideration will be given to:

the complexity of the ‘setting’ as described,
the calibre of the evidence used (with primary sources of evidence weighted favourably),
the level of sophistication in proposed solution, and
the alignment of this solution to the 3 basic strategies of health promotion.
Use the marking rubric provided to guide you in your assignment

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