Food and women; Unwed fathers, class, and gender; Complicating Gender, Body Politics, and Hijras.

Essay Questions
1.What does it mean that behind a great man there is a great woman? Think about one powerful woman in human history and explain how she used her position to exercise aspects of ‘informal’ power. You can choose any of Ancient Egyptian queens from the documentary. Be careful with Hatshepsut though.
2.Rape has been used a as a form of social control. It is often used to control the relationship between men and women, and between men of different social positions as well as men who do not meet the standards of “masculinity”. How? Give a specific example. Sanday considers the U.S. a rape-prone culture, noting that “socialization for male sexual dominance and control is suggested by numerous studies on U.S. campuses.” Looking at the evidence (Me Too Movement; The Hunting Ground documentary clips; statistics; etc.) do you agree with Sanday? Is the U.S. a rape-prone culture? Why yes? Why not?

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