Describe how the Operations team was able to elevate their constraint.

1. Describe how the Operations team was able to elevate their constraint. What critical technique did they use to understand the problem in the flow of work? What kind of technology did they use to reduce and elevate the slowest parts? How did this fix the critical issue of near-production like environments?

2. Compare the Product Kata and the Strategy Deployment Framework used in Product Discovery with the Set-Based Concurrent Engineering used in Product Delivery. What are the key similarities and differences?

3. What is the Core-Chronic Conflict in terms of the tension between Development and Operations. Identify the thinking cloud that includes the goal, the two requisites, and the two pre-requisites. What’s the conflict in terms of the prerequisites? What are the assumptions that each side has (Dev and Ops)? How can we solve this? (Hint: This is the first thing Dr. Forsgren discusses in her talk on the Key to High Performance).

4. Discuss the concepts related to Modern Leadership about Types of Power, Team Properties, and Environments. How can we relate this to Team Topologies and Lean- Agile Management Approaches? Which of the two Management Roles is best suited to lead with Modern Leadership? How so?

5. Discuss how the three types of knowledge wastes and how set-based concurrent engineering, and cadence, pull, and flow reduce those wastes.

6. Explain how set-based concurrent engineering aligns with Agile Procurement with FFP, to ensure delivery of high-performing systems, on-time and budget using Agile teams. What key techniques of Mission-Driven FFP align well with SBCE as well as designing in Suppliers and Manufacturers.

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