Describe Teamwork and Collaboration.

Define the problem.
Identify how the problem relates to broader issues in nursing and healthcare.
Support findings and solutions with relevant peer-reviewed evidence.
Use content and skills learned in this course, such as leadership skills, quality improvement tools, conflict management, ethical decision-making, team building, and communication techniques to propose solutions to the problem.
Within this paper define an issue such as handoff reports or communication not being effiecient and properly communicated which then leads to errors within the nursing profession. PLEASE HAVE SUBHEADINGS THROUGHOUT PAPER STATING WHAT THE PARAGRAPHS WILL BE ABOUT.


QSEN Competencies

10 hours ago
Description of how the problem is linked to broader issues in healthcare such as national quality oe safety indicator,ethical issues in nursing, workplace safety, cultural competence, and communication and teamwork issues. Consider that your topic may relate to more than one issue. You may bullet point your responses. Link your conclusions to information from national quality indicators and professional organizations such as the “SOURCES” listed above.

Background information: Describe the root cause of the issue identified and the resulting problems in healthcare that result. Link information to the articles submitted by members of the group. You may use examples from your articles to illustrate the problem.

Recommended plan, process for improvement, or solution based on evidence. Link to concepts learned in the course and the articles submitted by group for rationales.

Summarize expected outcomes from your recommendations and discuss how these outcomes will be measured.

APA citations should be included

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