Identify the drug and alcohol treatment services in the community.

Words: 375
Pages: 2
Subject: Sociology
Assignment: The purpose of the assignment is to research, design and complete a resource guide for drug and alcohol treatment for you to keep. You will create a spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel. It is to meet the learning outcome of:
• Identify the drug and alcohol treatment services in the community.
Below are the questions that need to be thoroughly answered. You can type your answer in and/or copy and paste from a source or another document. However, the font, size and other formatting features must be the same throughout the document.
1. First, review how to create a Microsoft Excel worksheet. No Apple spreadsheets will be accepted.
2. Due Date April 23rd, 2023
3. The county for this assignment is Dauphin County, which is in Pennsylvania.
4. Identify a minimum of three (3) treatment agencies, two (2) Certified Recovery Specialist training providers and five (5) pharmacies in the geographic area.
You will list these agencies separately in the created spreadsheet.
5. Create a spreadsheet using the following for column labels (at minimum) :
i. Name of Geographic Area
ii. Name of Agency
iii. Agency full address
iv. Agency contact information to include email.
v. What is the Agency Mission Statement?
vi. Who is eligible for their services?
vii. How are they funded? (This may require calling the agency)
viii. Certified Recovery Specialist Training Providers
1. Contact information to include a phone number.
ix. Pharmacies that provide Narcan/Naloxone
1. Contact information to include a phone number.
7. Add the information into the cells as appropriate.
8. Format the spreadsheet so it is visually appealing (words are not cut off, same font, bolding to highlight labels, etc.)
9. Save the Spreadsheet as an Excel file (e.g., Johnson_Derrick_090821).
The content of the answers, the formatting (i.e. spelling, use of proper capitalization), correct/accurate information is VERY important so do NOT make up any information.

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