Describe Law, Race and Colonialism.

Words: 23
Pages: 1
Subject: Law
Law, race and colonialism

Word Limit: 2000

Submissions MUST NOT exceed the maximum word limit. Footnotes are NOT included in the word count. A bibliography IS required for this assessment.

Instructions: Please answer ONE question from the four questions set.

Submissions MUST conform to the CLS LLB House Style (on Moodle) and be submitted on Moodle BEFORE the submission box closes at 13:00hrs on 11th May 2023 (UK Time).

Please be sure that in your answers any verbatim quotation or close paraphrasing of sources (including the core textbook and lecture transcripts) is properly cited in the footnotes in accordance with OSCOLA. Verbatim quotes must be in ‘……..’ with a source and page number attribution. Close paraphrasing must be identified with a source and page number attribution. Failing to do so will amount to poor academic practice and may amount to academic misconduct. Footnotes should only be used for citing sources. For further information, see the programme handbook.

In Discourse on Colonialism (1950), Aime Cesaire accuses the intellectuals (journalists, academics, ethnographers, theologians, sociologists) of being ‘tools of capitalism, all of them, openly or secretly, supporters of plundering colonialism, all of them responsible, all hateful, all slave-traders’.


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