Write summary and responce english essay

Select an article from the academic database on a topic that interests you ( Immaculata University database) Identify three points in the article, summarize each point and then respond with whether you agree or disagree with the author and why. You will need to use additional outside sources as evidence to support why you agree or disagree with each point.
Sources – One scholarly academic article from the IU database that interests you
3-5 pages
MLA/APA format
Please follow this format:
Introduce the essay with a paragraph that includes your thesis which should include your three main points you will be summarizing. Then, each body paragraph summarizes one point and responds to it. The summary for each point should be a paragraph and the response should be a paragraph to meet the length of the requirements, and a conclusion paragraph wraps the essay up.
Summary point one; agree/disagree
Summary point two; agree/disagree
Summary point three; agree/disagree
Paragraph 1 – Intro paragraph with thesis (introduce the article and points you will be covering)
Paragraph 2 – summarize first point
Paragraph 3 – respond to first point (your opinion, do you agree or disagree with the author? Why?)
Paragraph 4 – summarize second point
Paragraph 5 – respond to second point
Paragraph 6 – summarize third point
Paragraph 7 – summarize third point
Paragraph 8 – Conclusion (restate thesis, overall wrap up)

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