Has Globalization been a net positive for the United States?

In this assignment you should take a clear position on this question and then argue this position. Remember that the strongest
papers not only explain why you believe your position is correct but also explain why the opposing argument is wrong. You should draw on the literature we have read in class, and outside research (from the Connelly Library).
Formatting for both options:
Paper should be ten pages, double-spaced.
You should use at least 8 academic sources for your paper 2 must be from the list below.
▪ Roberts, Andrea & Nicholas Lamp. Six Faces of Globalization: Who Wins,
Who Loses, and Why It Matters (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press)
▪ DeLong, J. Bradford. Slouching towards Utopia: An Economic History of the
Twentieth Century (New York, NY: Basic Books) 2022
Full citations are necessary, preferably in Chicago Style

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