Explay why People Should go to College to succeed in Life

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The Topics is People Should go to College To succeed in life

Your task here is to present a proposal for a topic with some potential resources you will draw upon. Upload a Word document with the proposal and bibliography here.

The proposal should be about a paragraph or two (about 100-400 words) that covers what you want to be advocating for, an argument justifying why you picked this topic, and potential advantages that you would write about in the final paper.

The bibliography portion should have at least 3 scholarly sources listed with MLA citation (peer-reviewed academic journal articles and/or books) that you are planning to use in developing your advocacy.

For each source, provide a quotation (preferably a sentence or two long) that can function as a warrant/topos that you could use for constructing an argument for your advocacy, and explain in a sentence or two how you might use the quotation to build your argument(s) in the final paper.

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