Choose a social issue/problem within New Zealand/Aotearoa to demonstrate your understanding by:

Choose a social issue/problem within New Zealand/Aotearoa to demonstrate your understanding by:

Researching and exploring how power relationships, oppressive social structures, and social change within the society often cause and perpetuate such issues within society.
Identifying the key aspects of the social exclusion and discussing the impact of the dominant discourse on this cultural group, being mindful of the cultural aspects.
Examples of Social Issues that can choose from but are not limited to:

Poverty/Child poverty
Housing Crisis/Homelessness
Drugs/ Alcohol Issues/ Drink Driving
Health Issues/ Disease/ Obesity/ Poor Health
Teen Suicide…

Research project must be presented as a formal piece of writing, which must address the following:

1. Identify and describe key aspects of social exclusion that may impact upon groups affected by the social issue.

2. Explain the role that ‘normal’ or ‘dominant’ social groups play in regards to perpetuating the oppression associated with groups affected by the social issue.

3. Describe and explain how you could integrate anti-oppressive practice into your work as a counsellor working alongside those who are affected by the chosen social issue.
Discuss how you can be an ally for them. What are the power differentials between the social issue and the dominant discourses? (refer to Module 7: Being an Ally)

4. Consider and discuss how this research might influence your counselling approach and relationships with clients who may experience the effects of this social issue.

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