Analyze the similarities and differences of women’s rights in ancient Islamic and Persian culture and compare it to today’s social conditions

required to write a 1500-1800 word paper in which you will identify some of the cultures and civilizations you have learned about in the class (at least two of them) and find parallels with today’s social conditions. For instance, the LGBTQ movement, women’s rights (e.g., the fight against sexual harassment), Black Lives Matter and protests against police brutality (e.g., NFL players’ protests), wars, etc.
Analyze the differences and similarities between the past and present and explain what is happening today. In this essay, you must demonstrate your knowledge of Ancient Civilizations
Craft an introduction that gives your reader the WHAT and the WHY
What! What are you writing about? Your introduction will include information about specific civilizations (e.g., Mesopotamia, The Roman Empire, China, India, etc.)
Why! Why are these civilizations good representations of the social issues you will be discussing in the paper?
Sign off with a Strong Conclusion: Use your conclusion to revisit what you have illustrated throughout your paper about the significance of specific cultures (civilizations) and today’s issues, which can teach us about life.
MLA Style citations + works cited page

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