Write the following in Layman Language. Not quotes and he/she said this. Your knowledge and gut responses only.

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Write the following in Layman Language. Not quotes and he/she said this. Your knowledge and gut responses only.

in regards to Pre-trial releases, and the way that it works. How do you think that this report could be false or not at all helpful to the probationer, probation officer, and maybe community?

Then respond to two classmates in 4-5 sentences:

Giah Crespo:
The first thing I learned about Pre Trial Releases is why the happen in the first place and in which circumstances it happens under. When a person is being released pre trial they are allowed to resume to their life because the judge has assumed based on evidence that they have been presented with that they are not at flight risk. Being in danger of flight risk in other words is the fear that the person who will later be on trial will free the country, somewhere that the US possibly has no jurisdiction with. PTR has the definition in the name, and before the trial actually begins the person who is being convicted is let go without having to pay and usually there is bail which means her person can be released but with a price. This is also known as being released on recognizance, in a way the person is being trusted to show up to their own trial. The second thing I learned are the services that are available to the courts which are “investigation and prevision” he investigation is to determine if the person is eligible in the first place to be released to the public and the supervision is supposed to help identify anything that can potentially contribute to the chance of person showing up for their trial or leaving. The third thing I have learned about PTR is that the services provided for the courts are similar to PSI reports in that a variety information is collected to come to the conclusion or whether the person should be ROR or held for bail. A way I believe the report could be false is by the information that is possibly collected. Every officer and person is different therefore it would be impossible to connect every piece of information when making a decision as important as being released to the public. For example, the person could have people who speak for him positively and sources that may lead officers to believe that the person can be trusted.
Jeanette Peralta:
Three things about pre-trial release (PTR) and how it functions were taught to me in chapter 3. First, defendants who are eligible for PTR must meet with a probation assistant, be referred to community organizations, and continue their education or employment. Second ,pre trial service officers compile a pre trial services report that includes information about the defendants offense ,background ,likelihood of becoming a danger to the community ,and attendance at weekly meetings with a probation officer . Last but not least .The defendant must be watched over if the police considers that they pose a risk or harm to the community .The report may not be helpful to probation officer because they can lie and say many informations just to be set on pre trial release .They can lie and act a certain way knowing they aren’t going to follow no rules .

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