Who developed the Communication Accommodation Theory (CAT)?

1. To reinforce an understanding of the Communication Accommodation Theory

2. To apply the theory

Background: Communication Accommodation Theory (CAT) is one of the most important and foundational communication theories.

Instructions: Answer the following questions completely and thoroughly.

1. Who developed the Communication Accommodation Theory (CAT)?

2. In the textbook, there are four principles of CAT that are listed. List the four principles and briefly explain them.

3. Explain the term “convergence” as it relates to CAT.

4. Explain the term “divergence” as it relates to CAT

5. Briefly summarize the Communication Accommodation Theory, as if you were going to explain it to a non-communication major. (HINT: there are 2 areas in the textbook that do this quite well)

6. Tell about a time that you accommodated your communication to either converge or diverge with another person.

Grading Criteria
1. You must actually answer the questions completely and thoughtfully.

2. Number the answers.

3. Spelling and grammar must be correct

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Textbooks: Bowman, J. M. (2021). Nonverbal Communication: An applied approach. (This is required).

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