Assume you work in marketing for a firm in one of the following scenarios:

Assume you work in marketing for a firm in one of the following scenarios:

An upscale clothing line which is geared for children ages newborn to 12 years of age
A non-profit organization which helps women who have been victims of domestic violence
A firm which markets outdoor equipment for activities such as camping, fishing, hunting, etc.
Pick a firm of your choice and include the link to the web site or provide description of the brand.
Create a 300-400-word response discussing the following questions:

Identify six promotional methods you will use to reach the target market for your selected scenario. Provide your justification in terms of why this method is appropriate for your target audience.
How should your firm utilize social media to position your brand?
Pick two firms which compete in the product category you selected. What promotional methods do they use to market their brand? Do you agree with their approach? Why or why not?

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