Information Literacy Assignment

Information Literacy Assignment
1. Choose a website to evaluate.
Make it a website that is related to nursing or patient care.
2. Choose criteria categories with which to evaluate the website, defining those criteria. For example, you may use the Health Information Website Checklist found in table 9-1 in your text (page 144) which has criteria for:

Validity and quality
Privacy and disclosure
You can use other criteria to evaluate the website, however be sure to define the criteria in your paper.
3. Evaluate the chosen website according to the categories of criteria.
4. Evaluate your chosen website in terms of strengths and weaknesses related to your criteria.
5. Your paper should be written in APA format.
6. Your paper should be no more than 6-7 pages.
These 6-7 pages should include the:
Title page
Abstract page
Body of the paper
References page

some website suggestions could be: American Heart Association, American Lung Association, National Institutes of Health

Feel free to research and choose your own as well

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