crime and public policy

Instructions: Students will compose a minimum 5 maximum 7-page public policy analysis paper addressing the five elements listed below.
1. Discuss how mass incarceration, capital punishment, race of the individual, treatment of juveniles, and relationships between police and communities continue to be issued in criminal justice policy.
2. Explain what accounts for the rise of mass incarceration, and what problems mass incarceration presents.
3. How would you describe the crime rate and public perception of crime?
4. Discuss why or why not the Senate should pass legislation to allow for second chances.
5. Conclude with your opinion on the changes that need to be considered for an effective, fair, and equitiable public policy.
Required Format: 12-point font, Verdana font, double-spaced, APA style, in-text citations where applicable, coherent paragraphs, Cover Page, and a Reference Page (citing the article as one of your sources) Lists will not be graded. You must compose well-written, academic English sentences in your paragraphs. Additionally, your responses must be written as an academic paper.
Accepted file formats: .doc, .docx, (ONLY)
Assessment: Critical thinking, critical analysis, content comprehension, and academic writing (correct grammar, punctutation, spelling, complete sentences)
Assignment Resources/Tools:
Chapter 6 – Crime & Public Policy (Public policy: A concise Introduction by Sara R.,Denise S.) I have redshelf my book is on there if needed I’ll share the book 🙂
Campaign for Youth Justice –
Death Penalty Information Center –
Prison Policy Initiative 2022 –
The Sentencing Project –

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