What is the importance of freedom of speech

Your papers for this class are to be position (or argumentative) papers. This means that you are to choose an interesting moral controversy or debate and argue for one side. In doing so you should give the relevant arguments for both sides of the issue (providing reasons in support of them), consider objections to both sides, consider possible replies to these objections, and ultimately take a position regarding the outcome of such an analysis. Defend your views with reasons!
Some sample topics might be:
Argue whether abortion is ever morally justified.
Argue whether pre-emptive wars are morally justified.
Argue whether causing harm to animals via eating meat is morally justified.
Argue whether or not Euthanasia is morally justified.
Make sure you identify which Rubric/Standard/Moral Theory you are using to evaluate the “morality” of your issue.
Choose a subject/topic from our book.
Give examples.
Define key terms.
Don’t waste time: don’t write fluff: each sentence should be relevant to your thesis.
Use your own words.
The format is not important.
You don’t need to use footnotes if you reference our book.

the book is Analyzing moral issues by judith a boss

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