Unethical animal experiments

1) choose a debatable issue about which you have some knowledge — either through personal experience, televised newscasts, the Internet, or reading. In a multi-paragraph essay, take a stand on the issue by making a policy statement. Defend your position to a general audience of intelligent but skeptical readers. You are required to use at least 2 sources to support your position. Use MLA format to cite your sources to support your position. Use MLA format to cite your sources.

This is a policy essay which means that your thesis must include a statement that includes a condition of action i. e. Should, should not, must, must not, ought

Your essay must include the following elements:
• introduce that includes comprehensive background information and clear statement of thesis (claim)

• appropriate academic language and definition of terms

• logical organization with appropriate transitions
• well-developed body paragraphs that each have topic sentences that support your claim, each using a different rhetorical strategy

• comprehensive description of opposing viewpoint and rebuttal

• conclusion that demonstrates why your analysis is important

Here are some general guidelines to follow:

• state your thesis clearly (usually and the end of your introduction) in your introduction, be careful to avoid alienating readers who may be in initial disagreement with your views

• strike a reasonable tone and give a good reasons to back up your claim
• develop your reasons with as much specific and relevant evidence as possible

• attempt to refute opposing arguments-or at least to explain why they are less weighty than your own arguments

• where possible, build common ground with Readers who may not be inclined to agree with you

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