The Impacts of Media Consumption on Adolescent Self-Esteem – Research Proposal

The Impacts of Media Consumption on Adolescent Self-Esteem

The introduction section of a research proposal serves the goals of:
Introducing your topic (The Impacts of Media Consumption on Adolescent Self-Esteem)
States the existing problem to be researched
Provides the context for your research

In 750-1,500 words, you will submit the introduction section of your research paper. This introductory component will include the following areas:
Statement of the problem: This is a somewhat broad area that you will narrow as you explain why the chosen topic of research is one that needs to be more carefully examined. This is where you draw the attention of the reader by explaining why concern should be paid to the subject matter (e.g., provide statistics, how this impacts individuals).

Context/ Focus/ Scope: Why is this topic timely and important? List the demographics and time period of research. Is this a practical or theoretical problem? How will it address a gap in the existing research on this topic?
Research question(s): List your proposed research question(s).

Use at least five scholarly, peer reviewed, or empirical studies sources, all from the past 5 to 7 years, to support your thinking.

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