Sex Offender Treatment Article Critique

Article Critiques
You will be responsible for writing two article critiques throughout the course. Each paper must be on a different topic. Pick an article from the assigned course readings. The critique should address the following areas:
The research question posed in the article:
• The relevant psychological theory and methodology used.
• The legal problem that is being addressed.
• The main findings.
• A critique of the article. Consider the following:
o Was the methodology appropriate given their research question?
o What were the conclusion(s) and implication(s)of the study?
o Is there be a better way to do their study?If so,please explain and offer
• Your reflections of the article. Consider the following:
o Did you connect with the article? Why or why not?
o What did you learn from the research?
o How do you plan to apply what you learned in your career?
o Was there anything that you did not understand or agree within your article?If
so, please explain.
Each critique should be 6-8 pages and written in APA format. (Double space; Font should be times New Roman, 12-pt; Margins should be 1 inch on all sides).
Your heading should consist only of your name and the full citation of the article you have chosen to critique.

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