pecifically incidences of both fatal and non-fatal assault/violence that occurs in the workplace (but is not related to the actual job) that results in either physical injury or death of an employee.

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One of the topics we have not discussed in this class is workplace/occupational violence, specifically incidences of both fatal and non-fatal assault/violence that occurs in the workplace (but is not related to the actual job) that results in either physical injury or death of an employee. There is a chapter in your textbook (5) about this topic and there is information from the CDC and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, the World Health Organization, the International Labor Organization, Gallup Consulting, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and many other sources related to this topic.

Please use your textbook chapter AND at least FOUR additional RECENT resources (three of your resources that are not the textbook need to be RECENT -nothing earlier than 2018 – two resources are already listed below if you want to use them). Try not to use any statistics/data that are older than 2018, though you may need to use older statistics when discussing global data. (If you do include additional older data/resources, please be very careful, as that information is not at all likely to be accurate any longer)

Please answer the numbered questions below related to workplace violence. Please do not discuss harassment/threats/sexual harassment (unless it’s sexual violence) and focus instead on physical violence that results in injury or death to another person/people in the workplace that is NOT related to the job duties. Please cite all sources as you are using the information (in text citations) and provide a list of references at the end using APA formatting for citations and references.

Here are some guidelines for this assignment, the exact questions to answer are further down….

You can put this in a sort of detailed type of “bullet” form as long as it makes sense and fully answers the question. The LAST two questions will require you to use a short paragraph format to make sense.
Write in your own words – do NOT make this a paper full of quotes – explain the data rather than just copying it verbatim.
The more organized this is, the better – follow the format below and clearly identify each section. make this super easy to grade please.
You will have to do some legitimate research for this, please don’t just guess and please avoid opinions.
Please do not supply us with “fake news” (facts that are just made up) and please use IN TEXT CITATIONS as well as providing me with a REFERENCE LIST. Use APA formatting to do this. I need to know WHERE you got your information from (so that I can verify it’s authenticity).
Do NOT try to use some for of AI to do this, as you will end up with very inaccurate data (yes, I tried it!).
Do not strive to write as little as possible, that’s not a good way to get points.
Do not strive to write as MUCH as possible, I get tired easily….
ALL SOURCES MUST BE VERY RECENT and you may NOT use Wikipedia as a source NOR can you cite lectures (you must use legitimate forms of resources)
here’s some information and a source to help you out – this is a quote from the recent Gallup survey that is in our week 9/10 module – “The 23% of employed adults who said they had experienced at least one form of violence and harassment translates to nearly 750 million workers worldwide.” (Gallup 2022 study of global workers experience of violence and harassment Links to an external site. and this from the SHRM toolkit :”A 2022 SHRM survey of U.S. workers found that 28 percent of workers have either witnessed aggressive interactions between coworkers (20 percent) and/or have actually been involved in them personally (8 percent)” (SHRM toolkit – understanding workplace violence prevention and response Links to an external site.

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