Non-human Ape Paper

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1. Research a non-human primate by searching for scientific and scholarly sources through Google Scholar. Please use information from a minimum of three sources.
DO NOT USE websites, Wikipedia, encyclopedias, videos, blogs, or other information sources as reference material.

2. Write a comprehensive report that covers the following about the species:
-Location, Habitat, Environment
-Diet and dentition
-Mode of locomotion
-Sexual dimorphism
-Social structure and reproductive units
-Social behaviors, including competition for mates, hierarchies, learning, affiliative and aggressive behavior
-Special traits such as tool use, etc.
-Status on the Endangered Species list

3. Be sure that the information is appropriately cited within the body of the Wiki and that you provide a works cited section at the end. Be sure to cite the sources within the body of the essay. See this site to have properly formatted citations.

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