Heart failure diagnosis and management

Grammar 30 points
(10) All papers typed using APA format
No more than two (2) page summary in length; not including Title
Page and Bibliography
(10) Use professional article with original research and appropriate topic
(5) American Journal should represent current literature (no older than 2 years)
(5) Scholarly wording should be used throughout the paper
Writing should reflect appropriate grammar and spelling
Summary of Research Article 40 points
(5) Write a brief summary of journal article.
(5) What is the research question or hypothesis of the article?
(5) What is the significance of the problem discussed?
(5) Identify the type of research study.
(5) Who are the subjects of the study?
(5) What is the intervention/tool used in the study?
(5) What are the study results and conclusions?
(5) What are the study’s limitations?
Opinion of article 30 points
(10) Personal opinion statement
(20) What is the study’s impact on the nursing roleGrammar and Format 30 points _____
(10) All papers typed using APA format.

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