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Prepare an alphanumeric outline to structure a skeleton for your rough draft. Refer to the following documents in Module 13 Readings:

Purdue OWL – Four Major Components for Effective Outlines
Sample of Alphanumeric Outline (provided as an example of format only – content in your outline will follow directions below)

The content of your outline MUST INCLUDE ALL OF THE FOLLOWING PARTS, in the order shown. You need to fill in as many details as you can, especially under I. INTRODUCTION.

I. INTRODUCTION (with the following three components)

Research question
Preview (list) of topics to be discussed


Discussion of each of your sources to show how they helped you answer your research question, organized by the list of topics you previewed in the INTRODUCTION. This section includes ONLY information you found—not your opinions (it’s not an opinion paper) or what you thought of it (that comes later, in the analysis).
Summary/review of topics discussed

III. ANALYSIS (what you thought about what you learned in the sources you read for your paper).

IV. CONCLUSION (the answer to the research question)

It is understood that your outline is a planning document, and that while the structure of your paper will follow it, the details may change as you write.

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