Annotation/Summary Worksheet

In preparation for writing a critical response to an argument, you are going to begin by annotating and summarizing the text of an editorial from the Los Angeles Times. The editorial opinion piece is entitled “We Rarely Prosecute Bigots and Racists Who Spew Hate Speech. And Rightly So.” by Nicholas Goldberg.
The content of this speech ties in with our overall critical inquiry question: What does being free in the United States mean in 2023? Mr. Goldberg looks at the issue of whether hate speech should be protected under the First Amendment right to free speech.
For this homework assignment, you will be annotating Mr. Goldberg’s argument using the Annotation column on the attached worksheet. PLEASE include at least five annotations. You may certainly have more than five annotations, but your grade will be determined by five. The annotations should also be substantive with complete sentences, questions, definitions, and so on. SUBSTANTIVE means including how, why, etc. For example, instead of just “I agree,” be sure to state why (“I agree because…”), or instead of “Good point,” be sure to explain how the point is good (“Good point. Mr. Goldberg is logical because…….).
NOTE: I have also attached the link to the actual Los Angeles Times article in non-worksheet format if you find that easier to read at first.
Then, you will be summarizing the article using the summary outline at the bottom of the attached worksheet which asks you to state the topic, thesis, and all supporting ideas in the opinion piece by Mr. Goldbert.

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