Analyze a Current Event-Criminal Edition

Step 1: Select a Criminal Case News Story
i.e. Operation Varsity Blues (2019 College Admissions Bribery Scandal), Harvey Weinstein, Wells Fargo Fake Accounts Scandal, 2019 El Paso Shooting, Golden State Killer, Bill Cosby, Flint Water Crisis, Central Park Five, etc.

Step 2: Describe your case (Who, what, when, where, why)
Step 3: Analyze your criminal case using three (3) sociological perspectives:
Remember, use the key words associated with each theory.
Strain Theory: An individual’s position in society determines whether they have the means to achieve their goals or must otherwise turn to deviance.
Power Elite: Definitions and rules of deviance are created by a select few; rules and definitions of deviance are applied unequally based on power
Differential Justice: The differential treatment of folks in the criminal justice system, based on race, ethnicity, or social class.
Labeling Theory: Deviance is determined by the reactions of others; applying deviant labels to an individual may lead them to further deviance.
Differential Association: Deviance is learned through interactions with others who break the rules.
Link your news article in the bottom of your post.

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