Write a critique paper on the effects of bullying to children.

Bullying is something that people do to hurt others. A form of aggressive behavior in which someone intentionally and repeatedly causes another person injury or discomfort. It can be verbally, physically, and mentally. It can happen anywhere. Especially in school and in social media. This is the common places where not just students do bullying but also adults. In social media it’s really hard to stop bullying because of how many people are using it. Reacting with very offensive words will only escalate the situation. Bullying can include threats, rumors, and purposely excluding someone from a group. We need to do a lot of things to prevent it and if it happens, here we will know how to take action. Having a better understanding of bullying can help you identify children who need help whether they are the one being bullied or doing the bullying. Bullying has been around for years, but it has never been taken to the extreme as it has today. Many theorists and practioners believe programs have already been put in place to intervene bullying, but too many tragedies are still occurring; so there needs to be more of an effective intervention. Being bullied is a serious problem and children will struggle with it for most of their school lives. According to Berthold and hoover, Slee, Walker, Ramsey, and Gresham, “targets of bullying may suffer greatly in terms of their social and emotional well-being, become anxious, and depressed, isolate themselves from peer groups and avoid school for fear of being bullied. And can also have a negative school performance. Most of the victims need years of treatment and therapy to get over their psychological trauma caused by the bully. Often the effects of bullying can last long after the bullying stops. Some who are bullied never fully recover, and some bullies never stop hurting others. But despite of this things there are ways to prevent it and have some solutions.

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