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1. How is a labour force participation rate obtained?
2. How do we obtain Constant Dollars?
3. What happened to female labour force participation in Canada 1956-1991?
4. What was V. Kincaid Oppenheimer’s explanation for the rise in female employment up to the early 1970s?
5. In a nutshell, what happened to the participation rates of married women with children in Canada 1976-2006? Which group of mothers changed most rapidly and consistently over that period?
6. What economic considerations were raised in class as partial explanations for the rising labour force participation of mothers with children?
7. According to Cotter and others, what happened to gender role
attitudes between 1977 and 2008?
8. List 3 limitations of time diaries.
9. What is the key difference between Ms and Fs in time spent doing work? Under what circumstances do Fs tend to do more than Ms and Ms more than Fs?
10. According to American studies, what has happened to fathers’ contribution to child care since the 1970s? What has happened to their sense of work-family conflict?
11. In an international study of home management decisions, how were key
decisions made?

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