Maternal Substance Use Disorder

Develop an evidence-based advocacy speech to advance understanding of maternal substance use disorder and to advocate for a practice and/or policy change. This speech should be 2 mintues long.

• Your role is as a nursing student and health policy advocate is to share information based on the credible scientific evidence.

1. Hello. My name is Idris Berlin Kamdem and I am a student nurse from the University of Massachusetts Boston. (Smile/Eye Contact)

2. I would like to talk to you about a significant public health problem maternal substance user disorder (provide 3-5 facts about the problem including at least 2 statistics describing the impact of the conditions, and why maternal substance use disorder is an urgent public health problem).

3. Leading professional organizations, such as ___________ (describe 1-2 key points of the policy position / statement about the public health problem)

4. Some people are hesitant to support increased treatment because ____

5. However, based on reliable scientific evidence, _______ better policy OR treatment options are safe and effective because… (use evidence to support use of the interventions, policy or practice changes you are advocating for)

6. I advocate for __maternal substance use disorder because_____________ (describe why you advocate this solution and how it will benefit the person to whom you are directing the elevator pitch).

7. Thank you for listening to me. I hope you will work within your scope of power and influence to ______ . Please let me know if you have any questions. (Smile/Eye Contact)

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