How is the microorganism transmitted to the host?

The focus of the presentation should be on microbiology, specifically the pathogenicity of the pathogen
you have selected. The majority of the essay and presentation should focus on how the pathogen enters &
adheres, which endotoxins, exotoxins, enzymes they produce and how those cause damage to the host, and
details of how the organism evades the host immune response. YOU MUST EXPLAIN IN DETAIL, YOUR
concepts and vocabulary you learn in class to your specific microbe. See Chapter 6 in your text for guidance
if you have a virus, and Chapter 15 for guidance with all microorganisms.
All of the following must be covered.
1. How is the microorganism transmitted to the host? What is the preferred portal of entry?
2. How does the pathogen set up the initial infection? (adherence & invasion virulence factors)
3. What conditions are required for growth of the microbe? (anaerobic/aerobic -if appropriate
intracellular/extracellular, tissue tropism, life cycle, etc)
4. How does the disease progress and how the virulence factors contribute to the progression? How
does it damage host cells?
5. Give the specifics of how the pathogen evades the host immune defenses?
6. What symptoms and signs are usually present in the host? (prodromal, disease, convalescence)
7. MINOR POINTS. How is the disease diagnosed? What treatments are effective against the
microbe? How might the disease be prevented?

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