Describe how specific systems thinking tools can be used to accomplish a public health program’s goals and objectives.

For this assignment, you will analyze the case study you selected in the unit studies.
Essential features of a case study include the following:
Nature of the Problem: Statement of the issue of concern, disparities in outreach services to be addressed, and significance of the problem.
Stakeholders and Stakeholder Groups: Concerned organizations and groups. Include the dominant values and interests of stakeholders and the common concerns and visions of stakeholders.
Alternative Solutions: The primary (2–3) interventions surfacing as candidates for change. Include the strengths and weaknesses of criteria for judging priorities.
Primary Optimal Solution: Essential programmatic and practice elements that could lead to success. Is there a replication of study in other communities?
Reflection: The advantages and disadvantages facing potential initiatives designed to develop, implement, or assess the proposed solution.
Develop a case study analysis that addresses issues and problems related to public health multiagency collaborative initiatives. These initiatives should improve outreach efforts addressing health equity and related issues of system efficacy, quality, and effectiveness.
Your case study analysis will be graded on how well you demonstrate the following:
Describe alternative solutions and interventions as candidates for adoption.
Describe performance indicators for judging priorities.
Discuss how a mission or vision statement was (or could have been) used to empower stakeholders.
Describe practices that foster collaboration and decision making between diverse stakeholders.
Describe how specific systems thinking tools can be used to accomplish a public health program’s goals and objectives.
Support main points, assertions, arguments, conclusions, or recommendations with relevant and credible evidence.

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