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A review is a judgment or critique about the quality of something. For this assignment, you will create a written review in which you capture your reaction to a selected employer based on their website Your review will provide evidence or examples from the employer’s website that support your opinion of the selected employer. It is important to organize your thoughts before writing your review.
Note: It might be helpful to review faculty member feedback on your Wk 1 – Summative Assessment: Audience Observations assignment before completing this assignment.

To get started, use your current employer or select a potential future employer and research their website. Ensure they have a job opening for a position you are interested in, because you will use the same employer and website in the Week 4 – Summative Assessment: Cover Letter and Reflection assignment.
Using the information you found on the employer’s website, write a 350- to 525-word review of the selected employer in which you address the following elements:
Explain to your audience why you selected this employer.

Provide some high-level details about the employer you selected (e.g., type of business, who they employ, where they are located, what their mission is, and what types of things they are looking for in employees).
Explain your reaction to the employer based on what you observe on their website (e.g., positive, negative, or neutral). Would this be a good place for you to work? Why or why not?
Provide evidence in the form of specific examples from the website that support your opinion about the employer.
Use the Writing Reaction and Review Assignment Tips for help with this assignment.
Cite sources to support your assignment.
Format your assignment according to APA guidelines and include an APA-formatted reference for your selected website at the end of your review.

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