Write about The Great Gatsby Creative Writing Essay

Pretend that you are Gatsby. You are riding in the car with Daisy after the final showdown at the hotel with Tom. Write out the scene and the speech he would give to convince Daisy to run away and marry him.
In your speech, include the following:
-You must explain to her the reasons he became a bootlegger
-How hard he worked to become wealthy for her
-How he will put aside his criminal life and become a gentleman
-How he will deal with her daughter
-Why he is worth more than Tom and worth getting divorced from her husband

Assignment must include the following:
-A clear narrator with their own distinct voice – Whose perspective is this told from? (1st person) How is that clear to the audience?
-Thoughtful descriptions of multiple events
-Thoughtful sequencing so that the story builds on itself – How will you structure your story to best communicate your point?
-Vivid Details, using words and phrases that convey a vivid picture of the experiences

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