Write a Case Study: Business Turndown & Mike Wallace Factors

Read the case “Responding to a business downturn and The Mike Wallace factors and the common good”

Answer the following questions based on “Responding to a business downturn”:
When George moved to the four-day workweek scheme, should he have expected his managers to work five days for four days’ pay?
Should George tell anyone except his immediate staff about the impending layoff before the details have been worked out?
What about the board of directors? The union? The employees?

Answer the following questions based on “The Mike Wallace factor and the common good”:

Was George’s decision to be open about the impending layoff the ethical thing to do? Are there situations in which it is best to try to keep a lid on such information?
The particular jobs cut at ACI were chosen on the basis of the long-range interests of the business and not on the nationality of the workforce. As the reporter’s questions implied, shouldn’t American businesses favor American employees over foreign employees? What do you think George said to the TV reporters?

Submission Instructions

The paper should follow APA formatting requirements. The paper should cite sources to support your ideas. Be sure to review the requirements below before beginning your paper. Cite any reference(s) you use in the preparation of your essay using proper APA format.

Assignment should meet the following requirements:
Identifies all the relevant facts of the case.
Identify stakeholders – Determines who should be involved in the decision-making process for this case and accurately identifies all of the interested stakeholders evidencing the author thoroughly reflected on the viewpoints of these key players as well as their value systems and thought through what each of these stakeholders would like the student to decide as a plan of action.
Describe the ethical issues – recognize ethical issues when presented in a complex, multilayered (gray) context AND can recognize cross-relationships among the issues.
Apply ethical perspectives/ concepts to an ethical question, accurately, and is able to consider full implications of the application.
Evaluation of Different Ethical Perspectives/Concepts – States a position and can state the objections to, assumptions, and implications of and can reasonably defend against the objections to, assumptions, and implications of different ethical perspectives/concepts, and the student’s defense is adequate and effective.
Choose recommended action – Determines the best alternative available, describes how their decision maximizes the benefit and minimizes the risk for everyone involved, and challenge their decision as they think others might, and defend it by from the ethical arguments they predict others would use.

The paper should be:

Organized – organization is logical and appropriate to the assignment; paragraphs are well-developed and appropriately divided; ideas are linked with smooth and effective transitions. The introduction and conclusion are effectively related to the whole.
Demonstrates skillful use of high-quality, credible, relevant sources to develop ideas that are appropriate for the discipline and genre of the writing. For assistance on APA format, visit the Academic Writing resources located in the LRC.
It is of high quality, the writing is clear and professional, paper is organized and flows in a logical way.
Each sentence is structured effectively, and powerfully; rich, well-chosen variety of sentence styles and length; virtually free of punctuation, spelling, and capitalization errors.

Amelio, G. (1999, April 1). Responding to a business downturn. In The case of bad news. Markkula Center for Applied Ethics https://www.scu.edu/ethics/focus-areas/business-ethics/resources/the-case-of-bad-news/

Reading List:
Jimenez, G. C. & Pulos, E. (2016). Good corporation, bad corporation: Corporate social responsibility in the global economy. Open SUNY.
Chapter 1 – Corporations and their Social Responsibility.
Chapter 9 – CSR and Sweatshops

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Corporate social responsibility in the water sector Transcript [PDF]. (attached)

Sustain Your Style. (2020). How can we reduce our fashion environmental impact. https://www.sustainyourstyle.org/en/reducing-our-impact
A collection of ways to reduce your impact on the environment when it comes to clothing and fashion

Sustainable Brands. (2015, September 21). Google, BMW, Disney, Microsoft once again tops list of best CSR reputations. http://www.sustainablebrands.com/news_and_views/organizational_change/sustainable_brands/google_bmw_disney_microsoft_once_again_top_l
Review the list of large companies who practice CSR.

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