What was the impact of Augustus’ monarchy on Roman institutions and society? How did Augustus present his reign?

Approximately 2,000 words

In the paper, students will be expected to synthesize the relevant primary sources and
scholarship into a coherent narrative. The paper should have a short introductory section (usually
1-2 paragraphs), a main part where the author deploys his/her arguments and a concluding
section which summarizes the main points raised in the paper. There should be references and a
bibliography in the following format:

References: In text: (for example, Boatwright 2012, 125-130; Augustus, Res Gestae, 4)

Mary T. Boatwright, Daniel J. Gargola and Richard Talbert, The Romans. From Village to Empire,
Second Edition, Oxford and New York, 2012.

Augustus Res Gestae (provided); Boatwright et al 276-308

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