What is attachment and why is it important?

Task: Having a secure attachment to the primary adults in their lives is essential for infant and toddler development. The purpose of this paper is to analyze caregiver/child interactions to determine whether or not the caregivers are fostering secure attachment with the children in their care.

This paper has four components and must be written using the following format

1) What is attachment and why is it important? •

2) According to course readings, how can caregivers foster secure attachment?

3) Is attachment being fostered?
• An analysis of the three caregiver interactions in this video clip. The focus of the
analysis is whether or not caregivers are using 3-R interactions to foster attachment. Be sure to include evidence as whether or not the interactions are responsive, reciprocal, and respectful (according to the 10 Principles of Respect). Analysis should be approximately 2 pages

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