“The Globalization of Crime” by Stephen Aguilar

“The Globalization of Crime” by Stephen Aguilar Millan/team was an interesting article and approach to viewing worldwide criminality. The areas covered were the following:
1.) Drugs and Mexican border
2.) Heroin
3.) Gangs
4.) Human trafficking
5.) Cybercrime and counterfeiting
Although the five areas in this article were very illustrative, they are somewhat outdated. Therefore, you will be responsible in this assignment for the task of updating each category.by writing a response of about 20 sentences about each area indicated in this article.
Even though your thoughts may exemplify different categories, i.e., social inequalities/events/threats, particular global structures and/or networks that connect these people, places, and happenings, your five responses should emphasize criminality or illegal obsessive behaviors. These mechanisms may involve financial markets, capital and currency, governmental policies, murder and killing, goods and services, jobs and labor, economies, law enforcement, the military, politics, etc. The choice of how you structure the responses is up to you but please include where you have obtained your updated information. If you do not include this important research step, you will not receive a grade for this assignment.
The areas in the futurist article assert that globalization is not fair and that the dynamics of crime are more vibrant because of this. Since illicit areas are connected to world integration, interdependency, and interconnectivity, people’s lives, families, and communities have been and are being impacted by an ever-changing global criminal system of profit. It would seem as if no area has escaped criminality. Situations involving migration, immigration, everyday life, neighborhood values, borders and walls, gender, governmental corruption, the drug trade, pandemics, ecological matters, kidnapping and trafficking all seem to have been touched by crime.
The formula for most of these case studies is not too difficult to comprehend. By establishing cross border domestic/ international commerce, illegal concerns grow to be global enterprises much larger than their national states of origin. Organizational structures, fed by power, profit, fear and corruption, resemble those of global business organizations. Since licit strategies, goals and objectives have changed enormously in terms of globalization, it is safe to say that illicit behavior has not been far behind. By adding the final touch of mixing with legitimate businesses in a variety of different ways, these illegal operations developed enormously, enlarging their prospects for economic growth and financial gain into ones with limitless legal horizons. The legal and illegal have mixed their structures and processes in labyrinthine manners. It therefore becomes interesting in this article to learn about globalization and international relationships by viewing these distorted illegal forms, their intrinsic nature and distinct yet knowable character.
To repeat, your task for this assignment is to update and analyze these five areas, using your own research and the above thoughts, while attempting to critically question globalization’s strategies and why these areas have continued to demonstrate criminal structures and illicit systems of power.

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