The Giving Tree

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To reinforce your learning from Child Growth & Development OER Chapters 10-12 you will:

Create a lesson plan for elementary school-age children (in Middle Childhood) related to the book, The Giving Tree. Your plan should have two sections:

1) Details of your lesson plan including Goal/Objectives, Activities, Age or Grade level, Materials needed, Curriculum subject(s) covered (e.g., English, Science) and

2) A brief discussion of how your plan relates to children’s development at this stage—why is your plan appropriate for their level of social, emotional, and/or cognitive development? How does your plan enhance development in any or all of these areas?

The Giving Tree website contains examples of lesson plans (others are available for purchase but certainly not necessary). >>

Please complete the readings first and infer what children entering middle childhood are like:

What do they know and understand about themselves and their development?
What can we learn from both research and theory about this age group?
For this creative project keep in mind that a simple, yet descriptive lesson plan is the goal.

Readings: For all written assignments, please be sure to apply the assigned module readings, journal articles as well as scholarly websites you have located cite as needed throughout the writing as you apply the readings, and provide a reference page at the end. Always apply additional scholarly resources (at least two)

For all written assignments please follow this format to effectively organize and to ensure you have covered all criteria:

Begin with an Introduction heading
Create a subheading for each criteria from the directions
End with a Conclusion heading
Add a Reference page.

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