The Fall Of The House Of Usher

-The essay must have a thesis that provides, without announcing, a clear blueprint for the discussion to come.
-The thesis should be the last sentence of the introduction.
-Title the essay.
-The essay should be at least four to six full pages.
-The essay should contain an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion.
-Write the essay in the third person.
-Write the essay in the present tense.
-The essay should contain no contractions.
-Write the essay using MLA style.
-The essay must contain one MLA parenthetical reference per body paragraph. Consult Purdue Owl. Consulting Purdue Owl is non-negotiable and not to be interpreted as merely a “good idea,” or “if you have a chance,” or “maybe give it a quick look.” You need to understand how to do in-text citations and how to create a Works Cited page for every source you use. The instructions and examples are in there. Our online campus library also provides numerous, beneficial, resources to effortlessly create a perfect Works Cited page, but you must put in the time. Email the library if you need help, or visit in person if you can.
-Make your quotes short. Don’t try to fill up the essay with long, block quotes. This will result in a deduction in points.
-All or most of your quotes cannot be merely from the story itself. They must be from outside sources. They must be from literary criticisms.
-The essay must have a works cited page. (Does not count toward essay length)
-The essay must make use of at least four to six library resources.
For the subject matter of the essay you are to discuss how “The Fall of The House of Usher” is representative of Gothic Literature and is a quintessential example of a work in the genre. Discuss the classic elements of the genre that are on full display in the story such as: the crack, the decaying and creepy house, the twins and the strange connection they share, the setting, the atmosphere, sense of foreboding, mysterious storms, vampirism, resurrection etc.
This is a straight forward, accessible assignment and should make your work much easier as there will be much information available.
The thesis should be the first thing you create. Craft it so it resembles what you have done for the other essays–except it will be expanded to include the appropriate amount of topics that will enable you to hit the required length.

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