Substance Abuse Harm Reduction Short Questionaire

Please answer the following questions in essay form.

SBI= Screening and Brief Intervention (This term is used in conjunction with substance abuse usage and screening)

Write a thorough response to each of the following questions. There is no required page minimum, but
you will be graded on your demonstrated understanding of the concepts and use of specific examples.
1. What is SBI?
2. What is the goal of a harm reduction approach and how does SBI contribute to that goal?
3. What strategies were particularly effective? How did you know they were effective?
4. What strategies seemed ineffective? How did you know they were ineffective?
5. Which strategies came naturally to you?
6. Which strategies were different from how you are used to interacting with clients?
7. How did you help the client develop a change plan? What steps were involved?
8. What specific SBI concepts or strategies do you plan to use in your future practice?

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