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For this assignment, you will view and critique an informative speech. An informative speech functions to enlighten listeners by sharing ideas and information. Informative speaking is discussed more in Chapter 13. You will need to visit The Ted website and choose a speech to view. TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less). You can choose any speech that is of interest to you. The Ted site is: http://www.ted.com/Links to an external site.
After you view the speech, you will write a 2 page speech critique that addresses the questions that are listed below. Make sure to include the title of the speech, name of the speaker, date of the speech, and web address of the speech.
1) What is the topic of the speech?
2) What was the general function and purpose of the speaker’s presentation?
3) What were the speaker’s main points and major supporting materials?
4) Were the main points well supported with reasoning, a variety of quality evidence, and effective language use?
5) Were the speaker’s main ideas easy to follow?
6) Were they organized using a coherent design scheme?
7) Did the speaker make effective use of transitions?
8) Did the speaker gain attention with the introduction and provide a sense of closure with the conclusion?
9) Was the speaker’s presentation style effective?
10) Did he/she speak extemporaneously from memory or from a teleprompter or manuscript? Did he/she make effective eye contact?
11) Did movements, gestures, and voice quality complement the tone of the message?
12) In general, what do you think were the strongest and weakest aspects of the speaker’s presentation?
13) What constructive advice would you give him/her for future presentations?

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