Social Violence

I would like to hire someone that can hand in the work on time and follow all the instrucitons. I will provide the lecture notes, and my previous work so you can choose a topic that you like. and also please provide a turnitin report after the final draft. (files will be provided after hiring)

One of the main assignments in this course is writing a final paper. I especially encourage you to use the final paper to ask critical questions of the readings and to integrate prior readings. References to recommended readings are also well received.

The final paper should explore topics directly relevant to the course and will require research and critical analysis. It will be judged on the depth and breadth of analysis, the quality of the writing, and sufficient and proper integration of course materials. Your paper should reflect an understanding of course readings and issues raised in class discussion.

The introduction should include a short abstract of your paper. It should provide a quick overview of your paper and its organization. It should include a clearly identified research question, the main idea of your paper, and an explanation of what you will discuss and in what order. Notice that the order of your ideas is important to the flow of the paper. You may want to refer back to this abstract as your write your transitions from one section to the next. The George Mason University gives good advice on how to structure your paper hereLinks to an external site..

This is an opportunity for you to learn more about the issues of sociology of violence and inequality that is interesting specifically to you. Make sure that additional information on your subject is readily available (e.g., the paper should not extensively reference proprietary/protected information). You will need to be able to find other articles on the same subject to develop the context of your arguments. If you have not searched for academic articles before, this is a good place to start.

Your final paper should eventually contain the following elements (not in separate labeled sections):

First page: A separate page with the title of your paper, your name, student ID, email address, and other identifying information (course, quarter, instructor, and date)
Introduction: Introduce the topic as well as define your analytical question/statement
Description: Present the results of your research in detail
Discussion: What is the significance of your research to the question or problem?
Answer: Answer the question or problem you posed
Conclusion: Summarize the main points (and maybe more, e.g. explain the significance)
References: All of the sources you use (at least four) should be documented here.
The term paper should be about 2000 words in length (excluding references), double-spaced, with standard margins and a proportional 12-point font. At least two of your references must come from the outside the course materials (you can use the optional readings on the syllabus).

Please consider the following:

Please pay attention to the presentation of your paper. A paper with irregular presentation (poor choice of fonts, non-standard margins, overall appearance) will not appeal to the reader, whatever the quality of its content.
There is nothing more embarrassing than spelling and/or grammar mistakes. Read and proofread your text with care. Use the tools available to help you. Here is the Aggie Grammar Guide. Most word processing software provides a spell checker as well as a grammar checker. Pay attention to the suggestions, but you do not have to agree with the software all the time. Remember also that your word processor does not detect all mistakes, since it does not know the meaning of the text it checks!
Once you finish writing your paper, it is a good idea to let it rest for a day, then come back to it. Read your text aloud, or have somebody else read it aloud. This exercise is a very good way to improve your writing.
Warning: The use of references without proper citation is plagiarism, and amounts to academic misconduct. Students who use references or quotations without proper citations can be referred to Student Judicial Affairs for possible sanctions. Please review and follow the guidelines for citations available hereLinks to an external site. and also here.
File Submission
Please upload a pdf of your term paper to Canvas (you can name this document as you want, but do keep the extension).

Here is the grading system I will use for the term paper:

Description Possible Score
Style: font, margins, page layout 5
Organization of information and ideas in well-structured sections 15
Content and understanding of subject matter 25
Analysis and critique of the source material 25
Quality of the writing 10
Spelling (-1 for each unique misspelled word) 5 to -5
Grammar (-1 point for each unique error) 5 to -5
References (formatting, sufficient inline citations) 10
Total 100
Note that you will lose one point for every unique grammatical error that your paper contains. Please use a grammar checker to find grammatical errors!

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