Read Animal Farm .
Watch and take notes: How the Arab Spring Started

Watch and take notes: What did Egypt’s Arab Spring Accomplish

Watch and take notes: Tunisians need real change 10 years after the Arab Spring

Watch and take notes: The missing face of Syria’s revolution – What happened to Razan Zaitouneh

Read and take notes: The Arab Spring at Ten Years_ What’s the Legacy of the Uprisings_ _ Council on Foreign Relations

Sometimes, fiction mirrors reality. In this assignment, you will draw parallels between the revolution in a country involved in the Arab Spring and the revolution in Animal Farm. First, choose one country involved in the Arab Spring movement; you can pick from Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, and Syria. Draw parallels between the revolution that happens in Animal Farm to the revolution that happens in the country of your choice. You need to discuss at least three (3) specific comparisons and include critical thinking points about the parallels.

Write a 1200 WORD (minimum) page paper addressing the above questions. You are strongly encouraged to draw from quotes and evidence from Animal

When writing your paper, please follow the manuscripts conventions in the syllabus.


This assignment is worth 50 points of your final grade. Below is grading rubric for the assignment.

The A Essay

The best of college thinking and writing, an A paper meets and even exceeds a reader’s expectations. Although not perfect, it has courage, articulation, and accomplishment, from its adept and original title to its ambitious thesis to its rich and diverse citations list. Compelling prose and (often) an innovative structure result in an engaging essay. An A paper clearly stands out from other work around it.

Specifically, the A paper:

presents and defends an engaging, insightful thesis
develops its thesis in dynamic and successful ways, matching form with function
explores sophisticated possibilities for structure and juxtaposition
cites sources aptly, refutes objections, and closely examines a deep body of evidence
uses mature diction which reveals a complex sense of voice and audience
displays advanced fluency in the conventions of academic writing
has no problems with spelling, punctuation, or sentence boundaries

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