Reducing ones risk for diabetes

A. Describe your intended audience and why the topic is important to this audience (suggested length of 2–5 sentences).
B. Create a presentation plan (e.g., outline) for a five- to seven-minute presentation on your chosen topic by including the following parts:
1. An effective introduction that includes the following aspects:
• an attention-getting opening
• a thesis statement
• a preview of the main points of the presentation
Note: For a five- to seven-minute speech, two to three main points are recommended.
2. Supporting evidence (e.g., statistics, published research) for the main points
Note: Avoid using personal opinion, personal research, or personal experience as your supporting evidence.
3. an effective conclusion that includes a summary of the main points and closing comments.
4. a minimum of three credible sources
a. Acknowledge sources within the text for all content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized, and provide a reference list that includes the author, date of publication, title, and location of information (e.g., publisher, journal, website URL) for each source. APA citation style is strongly encouraged.
Note: Refer to the attached APA Guide for Communication Performance Tasks if needed.
C. Attach one visual element (e.g., chart, graph, picture, model) that supports one of the main points with acknowledgement of any source information used

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