Pros and Cons of Graphical Presentations

Conduct an observational study by observing and researching the characteristics of the following methods of presenting data. Develop a pros/cons checklist for each graphical presentation.
Your checklist should:

1. Provide a picture illustration of the graphical presentation.
2. The data categories and levels of measurement for which that graphical presentation can be used to present data.
3. The advantages and disadvantages of the graphical presentation in conveying information to the user, visualization, ease in discerning measures of centers, spread and position, shape of the distribution for the data, etc.

Graphical Presentation
1. Frequency Table
2. Bar Graph
3. Histogram
4. Pie graph
5. Steam-leaf display
6. Dot Plot
7. Pictogram
8. Frequency Polygon
9. Box plot
10. Pareto graph

Note: You can choose any seven diagrams to discuss. If you decide to do more or all of them, the rest will count as bonus.

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